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Shelter in the Storm

Covid-19 Crisis
Affected, Not Infected

Everyone is affected by Covid-19, and our clients are no exception. We are thankful for our clients' health. No one has contracted this virus, but our losses are great.  Our clients and our ministry have suffered grave financial and social-emotional losses.


Our clients are hard workers. Because their recovery comes first, many work in restaurants. Restaurants and other entry level employers offer the flexible schedule our clients need to attend meetings. Now, through NO fault of their own, these dedicated employees have lost their jobs. At the same time, the doors have literally been shut on their opportunity to get another job.

isolation: the cure & the disease

In this Covid-19 crisis, our physical health depends on isolating ourselves, but our recovery depends on staying connected. Addiction is a disease of isolation. We recover by attending 12-Step meetings EVERY day. Connecting with other people in our trusted recovery circle is our lifeline, but almost all of our daily 12-Step meetings have been cancelled. Even though we are supplementing with online and phone meetings, we are still at risk of relapse.

Dayry Hulkow, a primary therapist at Arete Recovery, told Fox News:

"Social support and active involvement in the program both play a huge role in recovery. In the absence of these, ‘isolation’ and ‘emotional distress’ can be significant ‘triggers’ to relapse. Feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, loneliness and boredom can easily escalate particularly during this time.”

Emotional distress and financial despair can mean the difference between life and death.

How You Can Help

In this crisis, we are grateful. Purpose House has long been supported by you, our friends and family, with prayers and support. We hope and pray everyone reading this is safe, healthy, and not struggling for basic necessities. If you are fortunate enough to have your basic needs met and are in the position to help others, would you please consider helping Purpose House?


Our main priority during this storm is to keep our clients sheltered in one of our homes. Any size gift helps. Just $25 pays for one day's stay at Purpose House; $150 covers a whole week, and $300 covers rent for full two-weeks.

Could you give a gift today?



Experts from IHS Markit predict Florida's COVID-19 related job losses will lead the nation, coming in second only to Nevada.


of our clients are now out of work due to Covid-19 shutdowns. They have no income to pay for basic needs like food and shelter.


A gift of only $25 gives one of our established clients shelter for one more day.

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