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gave his life meaning | reduced his sentence | took them off the streets | saved her life

Addicted and arrested

We know the dark side of addiction. We see headlines in the news, and we see crimes and homelessness on the streets. What we don't see enough of is the hope.


According to the Bureau of Justice, within five years of release, 77 percent of drug offenders were rearrested. HOWEVER, with the right support, people CAN recover and leave the crimes of their past behind.


In 2019, 59 of our clients moved from the local jails into our homes, and almost all of them moved in with nothing - NO clothes, NO food, NO job, NO toiletries, and NO money to buy these things. Nevertheless, they persisted.

Kristen's story gives us hope. After living with us for nine months, she commenced out of Purpose House in December. Kristen says,

​"Exactly 18 months ago, I left my home with drugs in hand with the idea of committing suicide. God intervened that night. He guided me in calling the sheriff's office and turning myself in. I will be forever grateful for the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department and Recovery Pod, the Salvation Army, Purpose House, and every single person who prayed, loved, and cared for me during this journey! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for Kelly Miller and Alan Tobiason. The opportunities they gave me and so many others helped develop me into the woman I am today! Thank you both for all of the talks, advice, and true leadership you’ve given me. You will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Our Clients Shatter The Statistics

Our recovery residences are a safe place where clients can recover in all areas of their lives. We teach them how to manage money, a job, family relationships, and make amends for harm done. The services we provide help them succeed and enjoy a total transformation of lifestyle.

In 2020, we expect to receive 60 new clients from our local jails, and we want to give each one of them a $400 Fresh Start grant. This grant covers their first-two weeks rent in our homes and any incidentals they may not have when they move in. Alleviating the stress of finding a way to pay their first two weeks’ rent sets gives our clients a glimmer of hope.

With support and guidance, our clients are shattering the statistics. Any size gift helps. Just $30 pays for one day's stay at Purpose House; $200 covers a whole week, and $400 gives them a Fresh Start for full two-weeks.

Would you give someone a Fresh Start?



people were arrested in 2018 for drug related charges in Sarasota County.


of those 1,750 will be rearrested for a new crime in 5 years unless they get help.


can turn a statistic into a success.

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