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Our Purpose

Many newly sober people struggle to find lasting recovery because they're often forced back into the same environments where they first became addicted. Their new recovery tools aren't always strong enough to battle years of toxic triggers, old habits, and dysfunctional relationships. Our sober living homes give them a fresh start where they're supported by others who are also seeking sobriety.


hope drives our passion


We've been there!  We experienced the grim hopelessness and debilitating loss of rock bottom. We found freedom and healing in recovery, and we want to help others find their way to the light!

Addiction robs us of family, friends, money, health, success, self-esteem, and too often our dreams and purpose. Purpose House helps you get that back. Recovery isn’t a life sentence to somber's a restoration to sanity! We go bowling, volunteer, have movie nights, wear ugly Christmas sweaters, and above all, we recover. 

Our greatest joy is celebrating success stories! Many of our alumni move up and out to incredible lives. They find friends, jobs, careers, callings, partners, and spouses. We get to go to an alum’s wedding or cuddle their newborn baby. We laugh, cry, recover, and discover a life filled with purpose.

Recovery takes a fresh start


Many who truly want to start over find themselves with nothing: no clothes, food, job, or money. Purpose House's Fresh Start Program helps people turn their setback into their comeback. Here are just a few of our amazing success stories.

Kristen's Fresh Start

Kristen's comeback

Kristen's recovery is a shining example to others still searching for help. She explains, "Today I live a life I'm proud of! I work a full-time job that I show up to on time. I pay my bills. I am honest and dependable. I give back every chance I get. I love myself for exactly what God created me to be."

Hailey, A Purpose House Alum



Haley is an alumni of Purpose House. She entered upon her completing the program at Salvation Army in May of 2013 and was a resident for 10 months. Today she has over 10 years sober, is married and serves by helping other female newcomers.

Tiffany Head shot.jpg


takes off

These days, Tiffany tours the country speaking about her addiction and recovery, but we knew her back when! Tiffany says, "My life is far more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed. I am forever indebted to  Purpose House – for it was in that house; that I found my purpose."

Alec's Lasting Legacy



Alec found hope in the Sarasota County Jail Men’s Recovery POD. Upon his release, he moved into Purpose House and celebrated his first year sober. Tragically, Alec was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2018. His parents created a scholarship fund in his memory.

together we can help Many More


Often, the only thing that stops people like Kristen, Haley, Tiffany, and Alec is one or two week's rent. Our Fresh Start Program helps men and women, who have completed their time served in both Sarasota and Manatee County Jails, move into Purpose House. A small tax-deductible gift from you could literally mean the difference between life and death. Would you consider helping someone today?

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