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sharing our strength, hope and experiences between meetings

CR at Home
Connecting from home

During the first part of Covid 19 we were unable to meet live. Fortunately, we are now back gathering every Sunday night. You are also able to watch CR live stream our meetings wherever you are.  Join us on Facebook as links are updated weekly!


Below you will find videos from our past meetings, blogs, and recovery resources.


CR Testimonies

Watch the Best of Celebrate Recovery Sarasota

Our YouTube channel has hours of fantastic testimonies just waiting for you. Click here to start a healthy binge.


South Shore Church

Recovery Friendly Church Sermons

Pastor Nic and his team deliver excellent messages week after week that can help you grow in your recovery and spiritually. Click here to watch past messages.

johann hari.jpg

Ted Talks

Johann Hari, Brene Brown and More...

TED talks are a great way to add a little boost to your recovery program. Click here to watch Johann Hari's Rat Park.

AA meetings

Click here for a list of online and phone meetings.

aca Meetings

Click here for a list of online and phone meetings.

nA meetings

Click here for a list of online and phone meetings.

Siesta key Beach Meetings

Click here for this local group's has incredible online library of resources and readings.

stay connected via social media

Both Celebrate Recovery Sarasota and Purpose House Ministries have active Facebook pages. Please like and visit them often. We regularly post inspirational quotes, music videos, articles, and links. You can also follow Purpose House on Instagram for an inside look at what it's like to recover in Sarasota.

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