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Purpose House Gets An Intervention

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, Jeff VanVonderen, from A&E's Emmy wining series Intervention, rolled into town with an urgent message for Purpose House residents. Jeff is an author, pastor, and public speaker, but he's most known for traveling the country to confront people about their addictions.

Unlike his typical Interventions, Jeff shared an amazing message of hope and healing. Here are some of the evening's highlights.

Everybody has three basic needs.

First, Jeff explained we need to know we are loved and accepted without strings; "Earned love is a contradiction." Second, he told us we need to know that we're worthwhile. This is not the same as worthy. Jeff explained worthy means deserving, while something's worth is what someone is willing to pay for it. He paused to emphasize:

You can tell what you are worth by what God was willing to pay for you.

Finally, we need to know we are not alone. Jeff explained, "People don't misbehave to make themselves worse."

Guilt Vs. Shame

Next Jeff explained the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt tells us we have done something inconsistent with our values system. He said, "Guilt says what I did was wrong. I did a bad thing. I made a mistake. Pay attention to guilt." Guilt is about behavior.

Shame, on the other hand, is not about behavior. Shame is a belief about ourselves. Jeff explained, "Shame says something's wrong with me. Shame says I'm a bad person. Shame says I'm the mistake."

Guilt YOU can do something about. Shame GOD can do something about.

Finally, Jeff encouraged the crowd, "The Kingdom comes to broken people." We don't have to be ashamed for being broken. "Comfort comes to broken, hurting people." In closing, he urged,

Don't ever beat yourself up for your struggles. Mourn them. Comfort comes to broken, hurting people.

You can watch Jeff's entire, incredible message here:

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