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Purpose House Alum Releases Book

Most people know Tiffany Jenkins as a bold recovery warrior who tells the truth about recovery, addiction and anxiety. We knew here when...(You can read the full story here.)

A Shocking True Story of One Addict’s Double Life

Before Tiffany got millions of adoring fans, she got sober in one of Purpose House's first female homes. The Tiffany we know is exactly what you see on Facebook. More than her humor, we love her willingness to carry the message of recovery to those who are still hurting.

Tiffany Jenkins is a wife and mother to three awesome human beings. She realized her love of writing last year when she started her blog, “Juggling the Jenkins”, where she writes about motherhood, addiction and marriage. Tiffany has acquired a huge social media following where her videos receive millions of views.

High Achiever Now In Bookstores

Please join us in supporting Tiffany on this next leg of her journey. You can order your very own copy of High Achiever here.

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