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Web Site Shaves Years Off Prison Sentence

We redesigned our website this Spring to give our clients, their families, and potential clients a clearer picture of life in Purpose House, but we NEVER imagined how this small change could dramatically impact a client's life.

Prosecutor Wanted Seven Years

A few weeks ago, one of our residents, whom we'll call "Larry" went to court regarding his current charges. He was facing seven years in prison, and the prosecuting attorney was pushing for the maximum sentence UNTIL she saw our website.

After reviewing our site, she became willing to considering all of his character witnesses. She took an objective look at all of the steps Larry has taken to recover from his addiction and become a productive member of society. In the end, Larry wasn't sentenced to prison. Instead, he gets to spend another year with us growing and recovering.

We are so incredibly humbled and grateful to be a part of Larry's story.

While we do love our website's new look, it pales in comparison to the smile we see on Larry's face each and every week.

Larry's really the star

Larry wakes up and shows up. He regularly serves at meetings, and he's recovering. Week after week, we see Larry getting healthier, stronger, and more confident.

And Larry isn't alone. Our homes are filled with clients who also have incredible stories. We love watching these stories unfold and cheering our clients on as they strive for a purpose-filled life in recovery.

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