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New Trends In Recovery

At Purpose House, we're always striving to help more people enjoy a higher quality of recovery. So on August 22, we set off for the Florida Behavioral Health Conference, a state-wide convention for mental health and recovery providers. Although the Conference offered more than 100 workshops, three themes repeated throughout the sessions.

1. Trauma often Leads to addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that two thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse were abused or neglected as children. At this year's conference, we learned how childhood trauma, clinically known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), can increase an adult's risk for substance use, suicide, depression, and other health problems like COPD and cancer. Fortunately, protective factors, like safe, stable, and nurturing relationships, can reduce the consequences of ACEs. This is called resiliency.

We learned that Purpose House has been building resiliency for years. Living in our homes helps clients:

  • Develop close relationships with caring adults

  • Identify and cultivate a sense of purpose (faith, culture, identity)

  • Join communities and social systems that support health and development, and nurture human relationships

2. Expressing Our Stories Helps Us Heal

On Friday, August 23, Matt Butler treated all conference attendees to a private concert. Over three years ago, Matt found his artistic voice in sobriety and is a powerful testament to the creative power of recovery.

His debut solo album, Reckless Son, tells the painful story of how his addiction impacted his entire family. His songs are painfully and beautifully honest. Matt is an incredible ambassador for our community.

3. We Aren't Alone

Florida's First Lady, Casey DeSantis, briefed all conference attendees on her recently launched Hope for Healing Florida, a new multi-agency mental health and substance abuse campaign.

The campaign combines resources from state agencies and private sector partners to better serve Floridians struggling with mental health and substance abuse. She has also been touring the state and attending listening sessions on these two key issues.

We can't wait to get back to our homes and share all that we learned with our House Leaders and clients.

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