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Purpose House Welcomes Brian Yost To Staff

Please help us welcome our new Ministry Director, Brian Yost. Although Brian is an upstanding member of the community, a Co-Founder of City Commit, and former Pastor of South Shore Community Church, he's determined to get our residents into some sticky situations.

Creating places to belong is Brian's greatest strength, and one of his preliminary goals is to help our residents become members of a team.

Basically, he wants to make Purpose House sticky.

By sticky, he means how can we increase the longevity of their recovery and reduce the risk of relapse? How can we help our clients plug into our sober living homes and become a vital part of our recovery community?

Belonging Is Key

During his first three months, Brian will be focusing on creating intimate small groups and building teams. Another one of Brian's strengths is to develop leadership. He will also be training our House Leaders on various topics like conflict resolution, communication, and team work.

Brian's role isn't limited to helping our Purpose House clients. He's also serving as a leader for Celebrate Recovery (CR). Our Sunday night CR meetings host more than 150 people, many of whom are Purpose House residents. Earlier this year, Brian and City Commit brought Jeff VanVonderen to speak at Celebrate Recovery. With his national connections, Brian will bring many other notable speakers to our Sunday night celebrations.

We are so excited to welcome Brain to our team. Stay tuned for many great stories and sticky situations.

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