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Sober Super Bowl 2020

Another Super Bowl Party is on the books, and for some, it was their first ever SOBER Super Bowl. More than 200 people showed up this year, making it our biggest party ever! We want to give a few shout outs to everyone who did some Step 12 service work to make this party possible:

  • Our set-up crew who actually took the field on Saturday

  • The tenacious Tech-team who set up not one, but two amazing Super Bowl shows

  • Food Prep and Punch - our Kitchen team is always first-string

  • Decorations Team proved the best defense is more streamers

  • Security and Welcome teams comforted Patriots fans and kept all rivalries friendly

  • Our Second String Party Planners who rushed to Little Caesars when we ran out of food and

  • The real MVPs - our guests who showed up and showed how to rock the recovery lifestyle

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible.

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