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New Men's Home Honors Beloved Friend

August was a bittersweet month for Purpose House. We said goodbye to our beloved friend, Bud

Breininger. Bud was a pillar in Sarasota's recovery community, who celebrated more than 30 years of sobriety. On August 11, Bud lost his battle with cancer. Just a few weeks later, we opened our twelfth sober living home. In honor of our late friend and mentor, we named our new home Bud's Place. Almost every aspect of this house reflects Bud’s giving and adventurous spirit. Here’s an inside look at Bud’s Place.

Places to Gather

Whether it was through his work as a bail bondsman or volunteering in the recovery community, Bud Breininger was a collector of lost souls. He brought people in and helped them belong. It’s only fitting that Bud’s Place has a large kitchen, dining room, living room, and outdoor living space.

Room for Recovery

Bud loved helping people find freedom from addiction in the Sarasota County Jail and at Celebrate Recovery. His goal was to help as many people to find recovery as possible, which is our goal too. Our new house is already filled with six men.

Bright and Colorful

Fishing, boating and being out on the water in the Keys were some of Bud's favorite pastimes. For many years he lived in Tavernier and Brazil. Bud also loved scuba diving. Even the art work in Bud’s Place suits his tropical, vibrant personality.

Fun in the Sun

When he wasn’t working, Bud loved spending time at home with his wife Patti and his dogs. He loved floating in the pool, spending time outside, and caring for his plants. He would be pleased to know that Bud’s Place has a sparkling pool and gorgeous tropical landscaping. Perhaps the only thing missing is a house dog. Hint, hint.

Bud loved the Lord. He loved his family, his many friends, and his community. His faith, strength, generosity and smile will be missed by the many people who were blessed to know him. We hope every man who enters Bud’s Place will find the same joy in recovery that Bud did.

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